Bishop International Airport: Flint, Michigan: Real-Time Flight Arrival and Departures
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Real Time Flight Information
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Real-Time Flight Information...


StatusAirlineFlight #CityDateScheduled TimeActual TimeGateNotes
Arrival1767Atlanta03/01/201511:25 AM11:25 AM6 On-time
Arrival3043Chicago O'Hare03/01/20151:21 PM1:21 PM11 On-time
Arrival4846Orlando03/01/20152:25 PM2:25 PM8 On-time
Arrival4165Chicago O'Hare03/01/20153:25 PM3:25 PM1 On-time
Arrival4057Minneapolis03/01/20153:37 PM3:37 PM5 On-time
Arrival4145Las vegas03/01/20154:00 PM4:00 PM On-time
Arrival4903Las vegas03/01/20154:00 PM4:00 PM8 On-time
Departure464Baltimore03/01/20155:50 AM5:50 AM9 On-time
Departure3083Chicago O'Hare03/01/20155:51 AM5:51 AM11 On-time
Departure282Baltimore03/01/20155:55 AM5:55 AM On-time
Departure894Atlanta03/01/20156:00 AM6:00 AM6 On-time
Departure1614Tampa Bay03/01/20156:45 AM6:45 AM8 On-time
Departure3432Minneapolis03/01/20157:10 AM7:10 AM5 On-time
Departure4447Chicago O'Hare03/01/201511:08 AM11:08 AM1 On-time
Departure1767Atlanta03/01/201512:05 PM12:05 PM6 On-time
Departure3043Chicago O'Hare03/01/20151:53 PM1:53 PM11 On-time
Departure4874Orlando03/01/20153:05 PM3:05 PM8 On-time
Departure4057Minneapolis03/01/20154:02 PM4:02 PM5 On-time
Departure772Las vegas03/01/20154:45 PM4:45 PM8 On-time

*All flight information is subject to change. For the most up to date information, please contact your airline.
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