Airport Maintenance

Bishop International Airport's Maintenance Department helps keep all of the facilities on our airport campus in great shape. They also play a major role in making sure our runways are clear and safe for the takeoff and landing of aircraft. They maintain the entire Airport Terminal, the airfield, the T-Hangars, and other airport buildings including the car rental facilities and the AirPark.

Our Maintenance team also takes care of snow removal. During inclement weather, they remain on site, working around the clock to keep the facility open to passengers and air traffic alike.

The Maintenance department also has a full-time mechanice who is responsible for maintaining all vehicles and equipment associated with the airport. These items include: Administration vehicles, all of the maintenance equipment, plus the Safety Department vehicles (including all of the Fire and Rescue trucks as well as the Police vehicles).


Snow Removal Landside

3 Small plow trucks

Snow Removal Airside

3 Brooms
5 Snow plows
2 Blowers
2 Front-End loaders

Grass Cutting

2 Mowers with 20' wide decks
4 Riding mowers
2 Walk-behinds
Various other landscaping equipment


There are 45 miles worth of pavement on the airside of the facility. The department mows approximately 950 acres of grass on the airside of the facility, and 70 acres on the landside. This process requires sunup to sundown mowing all summer long by twelve employees.

A mower with a 20-foot-wide deck can cut one acre of grass in approximately eleven minutes.

Salt is not permitted anywhere on the airside of an airport.

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