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At Flint Bishop Airport we take pride in making your journey stress-free. Business travel is no exception. In an effort to help those corporate road warriors, we’ve equipped our terminal with amenities to ensure your business trip starts and ends smoothly. Flint Bishop Airport is the smart way to fly for many reasons. We’ve outlined those reasons below and added some tips we hope you consider the next time you’re flying through or booking a flight.

1.) Take advantage of Flint Bishop’s Business Centers.        

After you’ve cleared security, sit down and relax in our business center. It is equipped with copier services, work stations, and plenty of electrical outlets. In addition, we have terminal-wide free Wi-Fi.

2.) Sign up for TSA PreCheck.

FNT is thrilled to provide TSA PreCheck. But first, you have to sign up. Our TSA lines are already short, however when time is money, every minute helps. You will have virtually no wait at our airport if you are TSA PreCheck. Signup today: https://www.tsa.gov/precheck

3.) Park just feet from the terminal.

It’s as little as 800 feet from seat to seat at our airport! No joke! If you park in hourly or daily parking, you are just feet from the terminal. So, if you’re in a real crunch park in one of those two lots.

4.) Fly first class.

Three of our airlines offer first class service; United, Delta, and American. If you’re flying for work, take advantage of the extra leg room, space to work, and beverage services in first class.

5.) Save time on your commute to the airport.

Getting to Flint Bishop is simple and almost always traffic-free. FNT is located right near the I69 and I75 interchange AND we’re likely closer to your home or office than Detroit Metro. Take a look at the drive time comparisons. Spend less time on the road and enjoy a few more minutes with the family at home before you have to leave.  

6.) Take advantage of our economy lot.

Parking in the Economy lot is stress-free. We have a shuttle that runs 24/7 and it picks you up right at your car. It’s also a FREE service. If you’re company has you on a tight travel budget, this is a great parking option. It’s only $6 a day and the 7th day is FREE.

7.) Book with one of our on-site car rental companies.

If you’re flying into the region on a business trip, we highly recommend booking your vehicle with one of our many on-site car rental companies. We have many to choose from and Flint Bishop simplifies the car rental process with short wait times, close parking, and friendly staff.

8.) Get ready to relax.

When you fly from Flint Bishop, you often end up with extra time before your flight, so you can really enjoy the airport experience that FNT offers. Take the extra time to catch up on emails, enjoy a cup of coffee or a beer at one of our restaurants, or recharge at one of our several plug-in stations. FNT makes travel fun again!

9.) Get your shoes shined.

Enjoy Flint Bishop’s shoe shine service. It’s the simple things like relaxing while getting your shoes shined that makes travel fun. Joe our Shoe Shine guy has been at FNT for decades and he will help you look your best for that big meeting.

10.) Stay connected with FNT and your airline.

Stay informed and expect the unexpected. All of our airlines have downloadable apps and up-to-date flight information on their websites. You can also use those apps to keep track of your miles and potential rewards. Always check with your airline for current flight information. We link you to that information through our website: https://www.bishopairport.org/your-flight/general-information/airlines-and-reservations 

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