FNT-astic Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday travel can be really exciting and sometimes a bit stressful. Following a few simple tips can help increase your odds of having a great experience at the airport:

  1. Arrive 90 minutes before your flight.
  2. Park in any of our convenient and affordable parking lots.
    • The Economy Lot is just $6 per day and offers a free shuttle to the building. The shuttle runs every 5 minutes, and meets you right at your car. Park for 6 days and the 7th consecutive day is free.
  3. Pack carefully. Check the TSA prohibited items list and liquid carry-on rules by using the “Can I bring” tool on their website.
  4. Wrap your gifts when you arrive at your destination, since the TSA may have to unwrap your package when you go through screening.
  5. blog-holiday.pngSign up for TSA pre-check, if you haven’t already. It allows eligible travelers to receive expedited screening in a special lane.
  6. Keep your medications with you at all times.
  7. Bring something fun to keep your children occupied while they travel, or better yet, pick something up at one of our great gift shops!
  8. Pack your patience. A lot of travelers only fly a few times a year, and they may need more time to go through the process.
  9. Check with the airline or airport to make sure your flight is on time before you leave home.
  10. Enjoy yourself! Bishop International Airport loves travelers, and they love us, making us the airport where a jet-setter’s journey begins.

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