Terminal Map

Terminal Map: First Floor

This is map representation the first floor of the Flint Bishop Airport. On the west of this floor, there is the car rental desks. Net to that and to the north of the west wing is the baggage claim area, and two entrances to the south. The east wing entrances are also where the shuttle pick up is located. Next to the baggage claim is the Police and Lost & Found. To the east Is the central wing, which holds the way into the second floor. To the left side of the stairs and escalator, there is an up and down elevator. Next to that is the down escalator, continuing with the stairs and then up escalator. At the back of the central wing to the east is the women’s bathroom and a payphone, and on the west side is the men’s bathroom with a payphone. Both bathrooms are symbolized with blue boxes and white gender female and male symbols. At the south of the central area is 4 entrances, including 4 payphones. Just outside these entrances is the shuttle drop off area. To the west of the central area, is the west wing. To the north of the west wing is the Airline Ticket Counters and to the south is two entrances.

Terminal Map: Second Floor

This is a map representation of the second floor of the Flint Bishop Airport terminal. The map is in the shape of a I. From west to east in the upper part of the I, on the north side you have 6 rows of seating with gates 8 and 7, separated then by the bar and longue with plug-in stations and then another 6 rows of seating with gates 6, 5, and 4. Then on the south from east to west of the upper T, there is gate 9 and 10 in the corner, the business center which has WiFi, next is the grill, after the news/gifts and then more plugin stations, ending with gates 2 and 3 in the corner. In between the news/gifts and plug-in stations you have a reminder that WiFi is available terminal wide. Under the upper I, there is gate 11 to the east and gate 1 to the west. Below you then have the escalator and elevator situated in the corridor that take you down to gates 12 and 15. To the west of that, you have the women’s bathroom and to the east, you have the men’s bathroom. The left positioned escalator goes down and the right goes up. Stairs in the middle. Under that, the corridor breaks into two columns. On the left column, there is the exit corridor. It’s a one-way exit and allows only people to flow out of the boarding area. At the end of the way out, you have the Meet & Greet Seating. On the right column, you have the security check point, and only one-way traffic into the boarding area. Under that returns to one single corridor, with a bar & longue to the west and a book store & gift shop to east. In the lower part of the I, on the west side you have the Mayor James A. Sharp Jr. Conference Room and next is a restaurant. In the central area, you have the elevator and then the escalator that is used to get up and down from this level. Above the up escalator you have Joe’s Shoe Shine stand. On the east side there is the administration offices, connected with another women’s and men’s restroom, and the Pelvain conference room.

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