Rates and Maps

Free shuttle service runs every 5 minutes to and from the Economy lots, and they operate 24 hours per day.

PH: (810) 234-8284

Parking Lot Prices
Parking Lot Hourly Daily
Short Term Lot $2/half hour $15/day  
Long Term Lot $2/hour $10/day  
Economy Lots $2/hour $8/day  

A passenger paying the parking attendant with her ticket.* We do not subscribe to any online parking coupon program or reservation system, and reservations are not required for any of our lots.  Just show up and park.  It could not be easier!

Picking Someone Up?  Use our FREE Cell Phone Lot. Wait in this lot until the person you are picking up is available at the front curb.  Please do not leave vehicles unattended.

Weekly fees are a maximum based on a full 7 day, 24 hours per day stay. As payment, we accept cash and all major credit cards.

The graphic is a representation of where parking is available, laying out each parking lot and what their meanings are. Starting form left side of the photo to the right, it highlights 6 different parking lots. It starts it starts with the parking lot on the top labeled as Economy Lot, it takes a quarter of the photo and is a very light purple color. The next is the cell phone lot, which is the furthest east and right under the road that separates the economy lot and the rest of the airport. The cell phone lot is colored white and is the second smallest lot. Under the cell phone lot is the employee lot, which is green and curves with the road up to the terminal. Next is the short and long-term parking lot and is located east of the cell phone and employee lot and north of the terminal. The long-term lot is mustard color, and the short-term lot is orange. Terminal is next, and blue. The last and most western lot is the rental car lot, which curves with the right side of the road.

Additional Services

  • Free car battery jumping

Please notify an employee in the parking lot booth nearest you and an attendant will assist you.

All airport parking lots are operated by SP+.

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