Real-Time Flight Information

Departure Information

Airline FLT # Departing to Time Gate Remarks
Airline: United logo Flight #: 5686 Departing to: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 4:49pm Gate: Remarks: Delayed
Airline: American logo Flight #: 5983 Departing to: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 6:45am Gate: Remarks: On-time
Airline: United logo Flight #: 4714 Departing to: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 7:30am Gate: Remarks: On-time
Airline: Sun Country logo Flight #: 8017 Departing to: Laughlin Scheduled: 9:20am Gate: 5 Remarks: On-time
Airline: Allegiant logo Flight #: 1543 Departing to: PuntaGorda/Ft Scheduled: 10:00am Gate: Remarks: On-time

Arrival Information

Airline FLT # Arriving from Time Gate Remarks
Airline: United logo Flight #: 5601 Arriving From: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 4:11pm Gate: 1 Remarks: Delayed
Airline: United logo Flight #: 5603 Arriving From: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 8:15pm Gate: 1 Remarks: On-time
Airline: American logo Flight #: 6166 Arriving From: Chicago/O'Hare Scheduled: 10:45pm Gate: 11 Remarks: On-time

*All flight information is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please contact your airline. Updated at: 05/21/2024 07:29pm.

What Travelers are Saying!

A lady at the convenience counter before security is the kindest, sweetest woman ever! I had the blessing of chatting with her for nearly an hour prior to my flight. She was so helpful and kind to everyone who stopped by. I would fly again from here just to see her.

- Anthony B.