Terminal Map

Top image: Main floor lobby. From left to right. On the left, Car rental booths. The back left wall, the  Baggage claim area with 4 areas. Back wall left of the escalator is the Police, Lost and found office. Next to the is the woman's restroom and elevator. On the other side of the escalator is the men's restroom. On the back right wall is the Airline ticket counters. There are 6 entrances in the front with the shuttle pick up on the left and the shuttle drop off in the middle of the airport.          Bottom image: This is the second floor. At the top of the image are 12 terminal doors with a bar and lounge in the middle. There is a business center with free wi-fi, a grill, news and gift shop, free terminal wide, and plugin stations. In the middle are the escalators with the woman's restroom to the left and men's room to the right. Security checkpoint is in the middle along with meet and greet seating. There is a bar and lounge, book store, and giftshop there as well. At the bottom of the image is the conference room, another restaurant, admin offices and a second set of stairs and elevator.

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What Travelers are Saying!

Fly Here! After years of flying in and out of DTW, today I tried FNT. Wow! The airport is very, very clean, with amazingly friendly staff throughout the airport. Easy to navigate, with far less walking than DTW, and no need for shuttles!! Rent from National Rental Car, walk right out the door to your rental car. Cool old car display!

- Marty J